Junk Ball is the backyard baseball brand that covers all the bases:

We guide your pitch.
We show you where to hit.
We track your game.

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Wild Pitch Collectible Balls

• 12 wildly unique collectible backyard baseballs!
• Each ball comes with a matching collectible sticker!
• 3 ball types: Original Junk Ball, Tornado, and Pro Max.
• Common, Rare, and Limited Edition designs.

About Junk Ball

Whether this is your first game or your 537th, whether you’re the team newbie or the team’s wild-card, whether you’re running on fumes or on pure adrenaline – Junk Ball makes it so you can play like the pros!

Here at Junk Ball we’re all about growth. We believe that there is always room to improve your game and we want to be that extra little something that helps you level up. That’s why we design our products with players of all skill levels in mind and include design elements that help guide your game.

Our bats feature our signature sweet spot so you know exactly where to make contact with the ball for maximum power and distance at the plate.

New Product Alert!
Umpire Strike Zone

• Track your score, strikes, outs, balls, and base runners!
• Let the Strike Zone be your Ump - anywhere in the green or gray is a strike!
• Practice your Pitching - aim for a specific box on the target or use the pitching guides to learn a new pitch: screwball, fastball, curveball or riser.
• Includes strike zone, 1 exclusive collectible ball and sticker, 9 tracking clips, instructions and 4 stakes
Our three ball types each have a different surface design that help give you a unique edge:


Features a dial-your-pitch ring that allows you to control the aerodynamics of the ball and throw multiple different pitches.


Features diamond cutouts and scuff marks for maximum curve control.

Pro Max

Features a 360 degree dimpled design for maximum speed and distance.

How to throw Junk Ball!

Grip Junk Ball as shown.  Throw hard, slow, overhand, sidearm, or experiment!


Throw sidearm fingers as shown.


Throw overhand fingers as shown.


Throw overhand, fingers as shown.

Fast Balls

Throw overhand fingers as shown.

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